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About us

Interest Lab LLC, formerly known as Smith Investors LLC (est. June 2020), is a family-owned and operated parent company dedicated to managing and nurturing a diverse portfolio of businesses and assets. Our primary goal is to maximize the potential of our ventures while safeguarding our family's wealth. 


As strategic overseers, we focus on managing and guiding a portfolio of short-term and mid-term rental real estate. By prioritizing cash flow, long-term growth, and sustainability, we strive to ensure the success and profitability of each business within our portfolio. Leveraging our collective knowledge and insights, we identify growth opportunities, streamline operations, and implement best practices across our businesses.


Our commitment to excellence extends to our relationships with stakeholders, partners, and the communities we serve. We prioritize open communication, collaboration, and mutual success. Cultivating strong partnerships and fostering an innovative culture, we create an environment where our subsidiary businesses can thrive. 

Looking ahead, we remain proactive in identifying new opportunities for growth and diversification. While residential real estate is a solid long-term asset, we are open to expanding our portfolio within the real estate industry or exploring opportunities outside of it. Our meticulous due diligence ensures that each addition aligns with our long-term objectives, increases profitability, and adds value to our overall portfolio. 


Join us as we embark on a journey of sustained success, creating a brighter future for our family, our portfolio companies, and the communities we impact.

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